All natural soaps

All our soaps are handcrafted in small batches
We are excited about some changes we are doing with our soaps.  Our main soaps have gone through a recipe change that will use non-gmo sunflower oil instead of olive oil.  This allows us to put less plastic waste from sourcing into the system and still give you a wonderful soap.  We are also sourcing sustainable palm oil to help make a harder bar which will last longer in your shower.  Our shea butter is now also a fair trade product for all of our items using shea butter.
Our scents are primarily essential oils and then some natural fragrance oils that we have tested before use to ensure that do not cause reactions to people with asthma.  Our items with sandalwood fragrance allow us to give you the scent without harming trees.
We will be limiting our supply of Bastille Soap in the future but will continue to have our two Castille Soaps for those who need a soap that is extra sensitive and can be used for babies and children.

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