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Little indulgences in your life can make a difference.  I often hear how wonderful a product feels or makes someone feel after using it.  I love to hear the stories because it reinforces my thought that we all need a small indulgence in our life and if we can do it daily without spending a great deal of money, then maybe each day will be a bit brighter.

I started the company because of my love of natural and organic things, concern for our health, and the health of the planet.  I hope you join us on this journey to treat yourself every day with something from nature,  and helping our planet by helping recycle or reuse our packaging.

Our products are natural based and produced in small batches.  Over this past year, we have moved all of our products to plant based. 


We are constantly evaluating our packaging and sourcing of our products to help ensure that not only our our products good for your skin but our environment.  This means that some items will be available in glass, others in BPA free recyclable plastic, cardboard boxes, or shrink wrapped or bagged in compostable "plastic".  We encourage you to reuse the glass if you can't recycle in your area.  The plastic containers can also be washed and reused for other items.


​And... since you can't live with soap alone, we have developed other products to help you feel, look, and smell great.  Watch the site for new items.

In addition to our regular line of products, we developed a men's line of soaps, shaving, beard, and lotions.  SKEGG, meaning beard, uses the same process and products that go into all of our other products but the scents are bundled under the different Norse gods name so you can smell like one, or a mixture of the four.  We also have two beer soaps and shaving soap in containers that make it easy for travel.  Like our regular line, we will be adding more items such as lotions and shampoos.

Coming in Fall of 2020, we will have a kids line of fun soaps and bath bombs.

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